Is Corbro HMI underlay waterproof?
Yes. Corbro HM1 is closed cell

Do I put anything on top of Corbro HM1 underlay?

Yes HM1underlay is a closed cell foam and may be damaged by livestock walking or standing on it. We recommend a rubber or similar covering of a flexible nature on top of HM1 underlay


Do I have to use rubber sold on with underlay?

No not at all. You can use existing rubber or any type of covering that suits your application.

Do I bond the HM1 down to the floor?

Yes we recommend bonding the HM1 sheets down to prevent moisture or foreign materials getting under sheets

Do I bond rubber coving to the HM1 sheets?

Yes we recommend bonding the rubber covering to the HM1 sheets  to prevent moisture or foreign materials getting between surfaces

What type of adhesive should I use?

Always use a premium non water based flexible contact adhesive that is suitable for rubber, and the type of surface you are bonding too. It is advisable to test on a small piece to check the bond strength.