All Corbro products are manufactured in Australia using Australian made products. 

The cellular material HM-1 is manufactured using a proprietary blended polymer combination & tested to the following standards: ASTMD3575 , ASTM D412 & ASTM D624

The rubber material 3663F is manufactured & tested to the following standards: ASTMD2240 & AS 16B3.21C.

Corbro equine and livestock composites are high performance therapeutic products specifically engineered for animal health and performance. To achieve the level of comfort required our products use a combination of materials with different tear strengths . Corbro products are not single rubber base flooring.

The bond between these 2 layers is engineered to take vertical (up-down) forces. Lateral forces should be avoided. There may be occasions where a lateral pressure or foreign materials may result in bond failure and will require maintenance. View warranty for full terms and conditions .