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Stable Flooring - Horse Bedding - Corbro Synthetic Horse Products

Corbro is proud to be in our 25th year of service to the Australasian equine and livestock industry. Corbro’s worldwide patented product offers the most advanced level of comfort and hygiene in our equine stable flooring, horse transport flooring, stable wall surfaces and livestock flooring products. Corbro offers the highest level of energy absorbing properties in our horse stable and equine wall products available on the global market today. Corbro is not a rubber horse floor but a highly engineered composite manufactured in Australia to the highest standards using the finest materials. Corbro stands alone as a world leader in horse stable flooring, horse transport flooring, horse wall protection, horse veterinary flooring and wall requirements.



Our stable flooring product has been developed to simulate the same comfort level of 600mm of clean fresh straw 24 hrs a day. This level of comfort will greatly reduce common ailments associated with standing or lying on firm surfaces. Our flooring has been in use for 25 years both nationally and internationally in some of the most prestigious equine establishments in the world. 

Corbro’s horse stable flooring and horse flooring products are strongly recommended for biosecurity due to the bacterial retarding aspect of this product. The need for natural stable bedding is also greatly reduced and sometimes even eliminated altogether, thus reducing bedding waste and dust / airborne diseases.  

Corbro’s horse stable flooring and horse flooring products are considered some of the most advanced horse flooring products available.



Corbro’s horse stable wall products have been developed  to protect horses from striking and kicking injuries. Our padded wall product is formulated to dissipate the energy from the kick within the composite of the product. Our best test to demonstrate this effect is kick a wall with conventional wall product then kick a Corbro wall, you will see what we mean. Horse stables with Corbro stable wall products are 20 times more effective in the reduction of stable striking injuries than conventional horse rubber matting.



Our horse transport flooring offers all of the comfort and benefits of Corbro’s horse stable flooring, whilst providing a non-slip horse transport flooring that dissipates road vibration and frequency reaching the horses’ legs during transport. Corbro horse transport flooring is a must for any competitive form of equestrian sport. Horses which travel on Corbro transport flooring arrive in the same condition as a horse walking out of its stable, regardless of how long the trip.


Corbro is a not a rubber horse mat but a pioneer and world leader in the simulation of natural bedding for the application of horse stable flooring, horse wall flooring and horse transport flooring. All Corbro stable flooring, Corbro horse flooring and Corbro stable wall products have been designed with the welfare and comfort of the horse first and foremost.

*Same comfort level as 600mm of straw, 24/7

* Eliminated bedding consumption and associated problems  

* Significantly reduces common stable injuries  

* Reduces bedding costs by 90%  

* Reduces labour costs  

* Improves blood flow and stability, assisting recovery from joint related problems  

*Reduction in dust-related ailments 


Corbro is one of the world’s most advanced horse stable floors, horse stable wall, horse transport and horse flooring available.