The thickness of the upper layer of rubber is subject to personal preference, considering factors such as the type and size of the animal and the intended application. Below is a general guideline of thicknesses that have been utilised with HM1 underlay over the past 30 years.

Veterinary: 4mm-8mm

Floor/Wall: Performance- 4mm -10mm      General- 6mm - 19mm


For our customers using the Corbro HM1 underlay who are having difficulty sourcing a suitable top layer rubber, Corbro will organise and ship 6mm, 2-metre wide equine endurance rubber through our partners at Reglin Rubber in Kilsyth, Victoria. The rubber order will be shipped seperate to HM1underlay.

Please contact us to place a rubber order.


Price :      $145.00 + GST per lineal(2m) metre & length up to 10m

Freight :   $140.00 metro $160 Country per roll up to 10m

Nearest Depot pick up non Business or Business address with folk lift .

Equine Endurance Rubber Matting is a premium grade, durable and impact resistant 65 Duro synthetic rubber matting designed for use as a non-slip floor matting for horse floats, transport trucks and stables. Equine rubber floor matting is supplied with a turtle-back finish on the top surface for anti-slip assurance even when wet and is reinforced with heavy nylon fabric to give it superior tear resistance. Equine rubber floor matting is also insulating and anti-fatigue, reducing the need for extra bedding in stalls and will reduce fatigue to horses in areas where they stand for long periods of time. Equine rubber floor matting is supplied with a textured fabric finish on the underside to allow for easy bonding