What adhesive do I use to bond the Equi-Vasa flaps to float floor

I used Sika Premium contact adhesive 4600AU. Got it at Bunnings, the 500 ml can does about 2 pads with a bit left over. Just make sure the floor is clean of dirt then just paint flaps and floor with Sika. Let it dry for 30 seconds and press down -sticks really well.
David D QLD
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The flaps are rubber so any good rubber adhesive will stick the flaps down but I went through almost 5 small tubes of Shelleys rubber contact. It would have been a lot cheaper to buy a tin.
T.L Sydney
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I used a liquid Bostik adhesive and found that it bonded better to my floor (its  really worn and smooth) by sanding the area of the floor with sandpaper where I was sticking down the flaps.
Tracy L NSW
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Sika 4600 did three bays with 1 litre and 2 kick pads. My tip is to make sure the area has been cleaned with no crap on floor, brush on adhesive let dry for few mins then walk around pads using shoes to press down and make sure you cover the ends of the flaps. Should take about 20 mins a bay if done correctly.
Graham W.A
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Don’t used sealant adhesive. I tried on first vasa pad and changed to a contact adhesive for second and it stuck down strait away.
Mark U Vic
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Kwik grip contact for rubber.
W.R Qld


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