Corbro Floor and Wall

Is Corbro waterproof?
Yes. Corbro is closed cell and is totally impervious to moisture.

What size does Corbro come in?
Standard Corbro sheets come in 1 metre widths and lengths 3,4 and 5 metres. Custom size orders are available on request.

Where is Corbro made?
Corbro is manufactured in Australia and exceeds strict Australian Industry Standards in manufacturing and polymers.

Do I put anything on top of Corbro?
Transport flooring NO The comfort level is in the Corbro sheet, however in some applications ( indoor stabling) bedding may be required solely for the wetness. First start with 6-8 inches of bedding and reduce this level to suit horse if there is constant wetness then increase your level.  

Is Corbro non-slip?


Does Corbro require maintenance?

Yes. Corbro consists of 2 layers. The bond between these 2 layers is engineered to take vertical (up-down) forces. Lateral forces should be avoided. There may be occasions where a lateral pressure eg pawing or gaps between sheets may cause the top layer to come away. If this occurs, general repair of the sheets is required (see below).Leaving a small lifting of rubber will result in a large delamination and a potential  Hazard .

**** Gaps between sheets can trap bedding pushing the trapped bedding laterally between the 2 layers causing delamination. Always insure sheets are compressed together with no gaps and if bedding migrates between the sheet remove immediately  ****

Does direct sunlight effect Corbro?

Yes with closed cell and rubber products there will be always be expansion and contraction. Always make sure your cobro product has not been in direct sunlight 12 hrs prior to cutting/trimming).

How do I repair damaged Corbro sheets?

Always use a premium contact adhesive for rubber and foam. Ensure the area is cleaned. Sandpaper surface area before bonding together. Always check sheets for small cuts or delamination and repair immediately if required.

What is Corbro comfort level?
Corbro has the highest rating for a synthetic flooring product and exceeds the comfort level of natural bedding as Corbro offers a constant level of comfort 24/7.

How does Corbro perform in hot and cold weather?
Corbro's HM1 composite is an excellent insulator and will keep your horse comfortable in both hot and cold conditions.

Sheet placement and gaps                                                                                                                                              Corbro is a memory foam that will always form to its compressed state. Sheets should always be installed with a compressed fit (slightly oversize) insuring no gaps between sheets. General guide for compression fit width Floats 5mm-20mm oversize Stables 10-40mm oversize. If sheets "pop" up due to compression reduce oversize by 5mm

Do I bond Corbro to the floor?                                                                            

Corbro can be installed bonded with a compression fit or installed with a compression fit only. When bonding use a contact adhesive that will have a curing time that will allow you to move sheets during install (compression fit) and always check the solvent bonding requirements  (Corbro is "closed cell"  avoid trapping solvents)  .  


EQUI-VASA Floor/Wall

Do I need to bond down flaps on Equi-Vasa floor pads before use?
YES. Do not transport until all 4 sides of flaps are secured to floor.

Is the peel back bond permanent on Equi-Vasa floor Pads?
NO. The peel back is a pressure sensitive bond for easy attachment and removal of pad. You will be required to bond 4 side flaps with a contact adhesive to the floor before use.

How do I trim the Equi-Vasa Wall pad?
The Vasa wall pad can be trimmed using a jigsaw or a Stanley knife. Always use a straight edge for long cuts.

Is the Equi-Vasa waterproof?
Yes. Equi-Vasa is closed cell and is totally impervious to moisture.

Where is Equi-Vasa made?

Equi-Vasa is manufactured in Australia and exceeds strict Australian Industry Standards in manufacturing and polymers.