Corbro Floor and Wall

Is Corbro HMI underlay waterproof?
Yes. Corbro HM1 is closed cell

Where is Corbro HM1 underlay made?
Corbro HM1 is manufactured in Australia and exceeds strict Australian Industry Standards in manufacturing and polymers.

Do I put anything on top of Corbro HM1 underlay?
Yes HM1underlay is a closed cell foam and may be damaged by livestock walking or standing on it. We recommend a rubber or similar covering of a flexible nature on top of HM1 underlay.

Do I have to use rubber sold on Corbro.com with underlay.

No not at all. You can use existing rubber or any type of covering that suits your application. The rubber sold on this site is general equine rubber matting and can be use with or without underlay

Does direct sunlight effect Corbro HM1 underlay ?

Yes with closed cell and rubber products there will be always be expansion and contraction. Always make sure your corbro product has not been in direct sunlight 12 hrs prior to cutting/trimming).

How do I repair damaged Corbro sheets?

Always use a premium contact adhesive for rubber and foam. Ensure the area is cleaned. Sandpaper surface area before bonding together. Always check sheets for small cuts or delamination and repair immediately if required.

What is Corbro HM1 underlay comfort level?
Corbro HM1 has the highest rating for a synthetic flooring product and exceeds the comfort level of natural bedding as Corbro HM1 offers a constant level of comfort 24/7.

How does Corbro perform in hot and cold weather?
Corbro's HM1 composite is an excellent insulator and will keep your horse comfortable in both hot and cold conditions.

Underlay sheet placement                                                                                                                                              Underlay can cover the entire surface or specific areas that require underlay only. If only using underlay in specific areas it is best to tapper the foam edge to pervent edges once rubber cover is applied  

Do I bond HM1 underlay Corbro to the floor? 

We recommend bonding HM1 Underlay to floor to prevent movement and foreign materials getting under

Do I bond rubber covering to HM1 underlay Corbro

We recommend bonding rubber covering to HM1 Underlay to prevent foreign materials between covering and underlay.

What Type of Adhesive do I use ?

We recommend a premium flexible contact adhesive for rubber/foam. Corbro HM1 and Endurance rubber is prepared for adhesive bonding always make sure the area that is being bonded to has been prepared as per Contact adhesive instructions .

Can solvents from adhesives get trapped between HM1 Underlay and rubber coverings.

Yes HM1 is closed cell foam , always follow the instructions on the adhesive you are using to prevent solvents becoming trapped.

What can I do if I get I air bubble from solvents between sheets ?

With a sharp object pierce the rubber covering this will let  any trapped solvent escape between the two sheets.